Daville secret tee is finally available online

We’ve come to the decision that these shirts are too sick to not be on our online store.

With the option of pink or black, you’ll be sure to rep your skate shop and city!


Daville has been helping the skate community in Fayetteville for so long that we had to share our love and appreciation with the wonderful people of Myrtle beach, with an inventory full of our premium products, and the best customer service you could ever imagine

  • Daville Skateboards

    Support your local shop without even being here! Daville decks now available at the click of a button.

  • Daville caution deck

    After fifteen years it’s back! Get your Daville caution deck with the press of a button.

Why shop Daville

let’s go support for support!

Daville has a close relationship to friends of the skateparks foundation, a non profit that helped build a large amount of skateparks, throws skateboarding events, and continues to improve local parks every where.

How can I help the skate community?

Our job is to help grow skateboarding everywhere, you can lend us a hand by coming out to all daville and FSFoundation events, shopping local or on our site, and sharing us on Facebook and Instagram.


help get southern pines a skatepark!